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RAC UK Breakdown Cover

As the UK's longest established motoring organisation, RAC know and understand drivers. We use this expertise to provide a comprehensive range of motoring and vehicle services to consumers and businesses.

Vehicle Based Membership
- Membership allows consumers to choose the cover that suits them best, personal or vehicle based.
- You now have the choice as to how to pay for membership, you can either pay continuous monthly payments or pay in one lump sum.
Stated reward is received when you spend between £50-100 on UK breakdown cover. You will receive a lower reward when spending under £50 and a higher reward over £100. You will not receive a reward when purchasing European Breakdown Cover only.

Rewards are only available for annual payers (monthly payments are excluded from this offer). In order to receive your reward you must click through to the RAC site via this page. It is important you generate a new quote and purchase directly. If the quote has been generated via another site or advertisement you will not receive your reward. Rewards will not be given on any policies cancelled during the 14 day cooling off period. Contract must go live and be fully completed. Renewals do not qualify. Validation of policy may take up to 90 days by RAC, after which it can take another 60 days for us to approve your transaction. The reward is offered and given by this site, NOT RAC. This offer is eligible on tracked transactions reported and validated by RAC. We are unable to accept earnings enquiries on RAC products more than 12 weeks after the transaction date. Please keep your quote reference in case you need to raise an earnings enquiry.

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