Santander 123 Current Account
3,500 Avios

Santander 123 Current Account

The current account that pays you cashback on your household bills and interest on your balance.

There is a £5 monthly account fee, that will be automatically taken from your account each month.

What you get

* Monthly cashback on selected household bills
* Monthly interest of 1.50% AER / 1.49% gross (variable) payable on your entire balance up to £20,000
* Access to 1|2|3 World offers, including preferential rates and special deals on other Santander products.

To get cashback on your household bills and interest on your balance, just follow these steps:

Pay at least £500 into your account each month. Any interest paid, and payments between Santander personal accounts you're named on won't count towards this

Have at least 2 active Direct Debits. You'll get monthly cashback on selected household bills you pay by Direct Debit.
Before you start your application for the Santander 123 Current Account please ensure the following criteria apply to you:
• You are at least 18 years of age;

• You are UK resident

• Minimum monthly funding required: £500

• Single and joint account options

• Customers do not need to have another product with Santander to qualify
• Monthly fee of £5 per account.

It is very important to clear your cookies before proceeding through this link. If you have visited Santander first through another site they will be credited with the reward (having been the first to refer you). If you have gone directly to the Santander site they will place their own cookie on your computer and will not allow the reward to track.

Reward is only given on approved applications which are completed online and within 30 days from application. Any application that needs to be followed up offline (for example, to show proof of ID in a branch) or is over the 30 days from application won’t receive the reward. New customers only.

Please be as thorough as possible when completing your details online with Santander to help avoid the application being followed up offline and becoming ineligible for cashback

After submitting an application you will be given a reference number beginning with OLA. Please keep a note of this number as it will be required if you need to submit a claim.

You must have an active Santander 123 Current Account in order for the Santander to approve your reward.

Reward is only available once per person per product

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