Oliver Sweeney
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Oliver Sweeney

At Oliver Sweeney, we’re all about taking the traditional and making it modern.

Founded in Britain in 1989, we’ve been making shoes great for over 25 years. We believe that you shouldn’t have to sacrifice comfort for style (or vice versa), so all Oliver Sweeney shoes are designed around our Anatomical Last. It’s a rather clever tool created by Oliver Sweeney’s founder after years of research that mimics not only the shape of the foot but also its movement, and provides a superlative shoe fit that keeps our customers coming back for more.

Today, Oliver Sweeney is under the charge of Cobbler-in-Chief, Tim Cooper. A fourth generation shoe maker, he’s a great believer in the importance of traditional craftsmanship, but also knows that great design is about looking forwards, not back.

Our factory in the Italian Marche region embodies this process: run for generations by a family of shoemakers, our contemporary British designs are handcrafted with a dash of Mediterranean flair, softening the stiff upper lip of traditional manufacturing without compromising on quality.

We take inspiration from around the world and filter it through a British lens, working together with designers, craftsmen, factories, in-house staff and customers to create an original range of men’s shoes, outerwear and accessories that reflect our customers’ individuality, flair and success.

We know that you can tell pretty much everything you need to know about someone from their shoes, and our customers tell us that ours send the right message, and support them in doing their jobs with authority, integrity, ingenuity and passion.

As the company has matured (like a fine wine, some might say), our range of top quality products has gradually evolved, and we’re proud to always be creating an unconventional statement.

Step Up with Oliver Sweeney.
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