Macys UK

The Great American Department Store, Macys sells a vast array of products including home furnishings, clothing, jewelry and much more. Macys.com offers shipping to the United Kingdom, giving customers in the UK the ability to enjoy the Macy's experience from the comfort of their home.

We make it easy to shop from United Kingdom with:
* All prices in Pounds sterling
* Duties and taxes calculated at checkout
* Low international shipping rates
* Guaranteed landed costs (no additional charges at delivery)
Please note: Ensure your basket shows prices in GBP in order to receive and know how much reward you should get and that the prices you see on items do not include VAT and shipping, this will be added further on in the checkout process. No rewards given on gift card purchases, adjustments, reorders, corporate gift cards, mattresses and furniture or sales from partner sites that have their product listings linked to Macys. No rewards given when ordering from China.

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