Hive thermostat

Make time for life’s best moments with Hive’s family of smart products, working together to connect your home and make daily living easier.

From Hive Active Heating to Hive Active Lights, Hive Active Plugs and Hive Sensors, Hive products make it easy to adjust your heating, lighting and appliances from wherever you are. So you can make more time for the stuff you love.

Every product in the Hive family is beautifully designed, easy to use and super simple to set up. They can be bought individually at a one-off price, or as part of a monthly plan with a combination of Hive devices such as the Welcome Home Plan.
Stated reward is for new customers only when ordering: heating with install, heating self install, lights starter kit (3 lights + hub) white, tuneable, colour, hive starter pack (heating, white light, contact, motion) or hive premium pack (heating, 2 X white lights, contact, motion, plug. All other purchases will not receive any rewards.

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